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Account Related

A web-based point-of-sale software runs on the web browser and is connected with internet explorer. It requires a constant flow of internet to stay connected with the ongoing processes.

We will set up your meeting with one of our sales representative to discuss the details of the funds and of your business progress. Apart from this, you can contact us by submitting an application by fax. The things to include in the application are as follows:

  • Full Name and complete address
  • A bank statement of your transactions
  • Federal Tax ID, al the business authentication credentials including your social security number (mandatory)
  • Your industry and type of business
  • Credit Card history (secondary)

The credit card processor will get connected to the point-of-sale terminal through an internet connection from where the information of the transaction will get recorded and the payment will be deposited in the account. You can use an external data cable to provide internet connection to your POS system.

When a new application arrives, the company experts look for all the possible opportunity and then approve the application within one business day at the most within forty-eight hours of receiving.

You can get the transactions in any account you like. If you have a company account you can link that account as well. There is no need to open up any new account.

Basics of Credit Card Processing

Within 24 to 48 hours your money will get deposited to your account safely.

There are multiple types to make transactions. Transaction by card is when you swipe your card in the credit card machine and enter the card number to make the purchase. One such transaction is the online transaction in which you only have to enter your card details and proceed the method to make the deduction of the order. No transaction occurs when you enter a wrong card number or there is a problem in your bank account.

There is a fixed rate for each transaction. Every bank has their own rates.

The discount rate is charged to ensure the security of during the purchase. It gets charged according to the situation, if there is money present at the time of the sale the rate will be lowest.

A batch is a report containing the transactions recorded since you ask for the last batch. It shows the history of transactions.

Basics About Debit Card Processing

Debit cards are linked to the customer's bank account. The card is used to do the purchases and the amount is deducted from the account. Normally the transaction is carried out in two ways. Either the cashier asks for the pin code to do the processing or a signature of the cardholder.

Security Related

The end-to-end encryption is a system ensuring the highest degree of security of the process. The system is designed in a way that it eliminates the changes of system hacking.

AVS is the abbreviation for address verification service which is used to determine the records or any frauds related to the credentials the customer has submitted.

You should notify about the happenings to the Merchant Solutions of the respective transactions.

It is strictly against the rules and policies of the firm. This will be considered as the violation of the privacy and misuse of information.

Yes, we make sure that all of the customer details are kept secured and away from getting breached.

Technical Help

The user has to use the printer and print out the report of all the transactions carried out. The CRM will provide a comprehensive report having each transaction with its date and time. That will make things easier to identify.

It is necessary to close the batch once you are about to shut down the terminal.

You can use other power supply to turn on the system but if you find the power bank cold you should contact our service provider immediately to avoid any delays.

There must be an issue in the socket of the power supply. You should try putting the plug in any other terminal.

Technical Help with Debit Card Processing

Sometimes the device gets disconnected you should take out its plug and put it back properly. Refresh the device and use the card again. If you still find no change you should contact our service provider.

Sometimes the device gets disconnected you should take out its plug and put it back properly. Refresh the device and use the card again. If you still find no change you should contact our service provider.

There must be an issue occurring in the pin pa or between the connections of the credit card terminals. It is best to contact our Merchant solution providers.

The message occurs when the debit card terminal is busy. You should wait for a few seconds until the transaction begins.

When the system of the debit card gets down the instruction are sent to the terminal. You should wait for a few seconds and try again with the transaction.

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