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Reliable and Quick Check Processing System

A One-Stop solution to Customer Billing

Learn how we offer a broad range of check processing services from depositing a check into accounts automatically to handling all of the debits matters professionally.

ACH Debit

You can run a smooth and proficient customer billing system from your dashboard with our check processing. The ACH debit system can set up a one-time billing procedure to run the transactions and charge for the debits holding on the customer. You can electronically keep a check on all the debit records of the client. Once the customer finalized the order our e-check payment gateway will do the deduction safely and efficiently.

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

You do not have to wait in the long queue of the banks to deposit your check as the RDC is here to extends it assistance of electronically depositing your check. Now there is no need to be the salve of paper checks anymore. The encrypted web-based software we offer to our valued customers in Houston and Texas will help you process your every check and enjoy watching your revenues gathering in your accounts without much hassle.


Offering a fast and efficient solution to handle payment procedures for call centres and suppliers in all around Texas and Houston, our services provide the opportunity to handle the check and payment producers on phone. You can accept the payment procedures while being on phone and the receipt of the transaction will be delivered to you after the deduction of the customer's account.

Paper Guarantee

At SMP we strive to offer you the most secured solution to handle your transactions and payment methods and so we offer 100% paper guarantee to our Customer. As per the guarantee, our users in Houston and Texas do not have to use paper checks instead at the time of the transaction the point-of-sale terminals deposited the amount and generate a paper copy of the check as a proof for authentication.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Conversion

You must have a credit card reader at your point-of-sale terminals but how about a check reader? Our POS conversion system in Houston help users to install a check reader much like the credit card machine to process checks electronically. This help users to detect any issue right at the time of receiving the check, no waiting for manually depositing in the account. By incorporating its advanced features in your payment methods, you can enhance your chances of making a sale in all over Texas and can stand from the crowd with your superior services.


You can now check your consumers debit transaction from any part of the globe simply using a smartphone.

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