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Unmatched and outstanding quality service

Service of quality and satisfaction is what serves as a center pillar to our business and is what we take deep pride in delivering it.

Honest, Transparent and Competitive rates

We offer a competitive pricing for all types of merchant processing so that you don’t have to check out pricing from other processors. We never claim that our rates are the lowest in the country because there is no such thing as the lowest rates. That is why Sigma Merchant Processing is not like other companies who ALL claim to have the lowest rates. If they all have the lowest rates, who has the lowest of all of them? Ever wonder? Beware! Don’t be misled with phrases like “low rates” or “lower rates” or “lowest rates”.

Clean pricing

You have seen other companies advertize rates like 1.05% or 1.49% or such. I suppose you would not be looking for a new processing company or be reading this if that was the case, right? We believe in transparency and that is the reason we disclose to the merchant what he/she is really paying for his/her credit card processing. We make it clear and simple while customizing rates that are more appropriate for your business. Did you know that there are about 180+ different types of Mastercard and Visa credit cards?

No free terminal

It is your business and you know way better than any other person how to run it. But, words of advice- “never fall for a free terminal program”. Then again, is there anything free? We offer all business the latest and greatest technology solutions available in today’s payment processing at no-cost to you i.e. we let you borrow it as long as you stay with us. Not only that, we upgrades terminals as needed. We will help you to make the decision on what equipment and set up will be most effective for your business needs.

Speedy terminal replacement

Can you run your business for an hour or a minute with your terminal being out of order? You don’t have to answer this question. But, you may realize the answer when you are in such situation. Please, get your merchant processing from any company but never find yourself regretting in such down times. We commit to dispatch a replacement within 1 business day. In most cases, merchants receive the replacement within 24-hour period.

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No Contract

Our little secret- core to our business. Please ask us
how is it our secret.

No termination fee

Excuse us but what fee? Terminate what?

No Application Fee

We are not a mortgage company. Those processors who charge such fee may have side business of mortgage loans.

No monthly minimum fee

Absolute no monthly minimum in processing fees at all.

No setup or installation fee

We think such fees are well deserved by cable guys

24 Hour setup

99% of new merchants get auto-approved in minutes with good credit and can be ready to swipe a credit card in 24 hour period.


All credit cards (including Visa, MC, Discover, and AmEx) are in one statement and one deposit every day.

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